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jsrcpd means "java simple railroad command protocol daemon".

SRCP is a TCP-based Internet protocol for controlling and programming (digital) model railroads. It is a part of the DER_MOBA Digitalprojekt http://wwww.der-moba.de (a website derived from the newsgroup de.rec.modelle.bahn).

The definition can be found at http://srcpd.sourceforge.net/srcp.

This software is designed as a reference implementation of the SRCP 0.8.1. It has to be considered as "experimental".


The package written in Java is a communication protocol handler and a device processor. The processor is designed mainly for testing the protocol handling. The architecture allows to replace it with a real software-CPU or CPU-serial-line interface in the future.

What does the jsrcpd currently do?

Server jsrcpd-translator:
Also included is a basic client implementation for testing the server:

Required Software


Please go to the srcpd project page for getting a downloadable package.

API Documentation

jsprcd is desgined to serve as a framework for implementing SRCP servers and SRCP clients. The related API Documentation is also available on this site.

created: 2002-01-20 by Olaf Schlachter
updated: 2002-01-30

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