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What is SRCP?

SRCP is an communication protocol designed to integrate all model railroad systems. Further key features are full multiuser capabilities and simplified user interface development. IANA assigned TCP port 4303 to it.

The Hardware

With SRCP you can drive any hardware, even virtual ones. Currently we use commercial interfaces like the Marklin™ 605x, the Intellibox™ and Lenz Interface™, as well as direct signal generation via RS232 and booster. It is also possible to develop your own system and use things like the I2C bus or a S88 feedback system connected to a parallel port interface.

More systems like loconet™ will come in the near future.

NMRA DCC works as well as Marklin Motorola and Selectrix. If your hardware permits.

The Protocol

The SRCP specification was defined to establish a middle layer between user interface programs and hardware interfaces to the model railroad. It enables many features without any trouble, e.g. true multi user, free choice of user interface , integration of your own system with already existiting programs and a lot more.

The Software

SRCP is only the protocol. The srcpd is a daemon speaking the protocol and managing the connection(s) to the model railroad. Clever user programs are kdigirail and SpDrS60. More software can be found via google or at the der-moba Digitalprojekt (in German)

srcpd: a unix daemon implementing SRCP, written in C (Download, Config file generator, man pages srcpd and its configuration.). Last updated 7.3.2010.

jsrcpd: a java daemon. currently unmaintained. For more java code have a look at jsrcpc.

tclControl: GUI programs and a library for automation

dras: automatic control for kdigirail

rcsh compatible Scripts and Library


project page on Sourceforge the portal to SRCP software for linux/unix, windows, and handhelds.

More programs on Sourceforge

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