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Installation should be as easy as other software for linux. You use either the rpm's we provide or build directly from the sources with the usual configure && make && make install. It is recommended that you first do a autoreconf to customize user build environment.

The srcpd uses a xml based configration file. A web based tool to generate it can be found here.


Sorry, there ist no sophisticated HOWTO for the srcpd (yet). Feel free to ask at the Maillinglist. It is recommended that you have read the SRCP protocol in its current version.


Usually all devices are connected via serial ports (RS 232). It is possible to use USB2Serial converters, at least for the Maerklin 6051.

The link contains very useful information to connect PC hardware RS232 with MRR systems. This setup does not work with USB2Serial converters (well, probably).


The srcpd evolved more or less in parallel with the SRCP protocol. Since the SRCP 0.8 it has the version number 2. Therefore srcpd[1] was designed for SRCP 0.7 and earlier, srcpd2 for SRCP 0.8 (and later). There are no plans to support srcpd1 and no plans to support SRCP 0.7 in srcpd2.

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